Laser Dentistry in Waynesboro, VA

Waynesboro VA Laser Dentistry Your gums, along with your bone, hold your teeth in place and are an important part of your oral health. When they are healthy, they fit snugly against your teeth, creating a seal and completely covering your root structure. 

When you suffer from periodontal disease, your gums may begin to develop pocketing that can collect food debris and bacteria, causing irritation, bad breath, inflammation, and bleeding. Recession is another common symptom of gum disease and can expose your root structure, making your teeth sensitive to temperature and pressure. Gum recession also makes your teeth more prone to decay at the gum line.

Having an active infection puts your systemic health at risk. Researchers discovered a link between periodontal disease and heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, respiratory illness, and even Alzheimer’s disease. At Browning & Cunningham Family Dentistry, we use the latest in modern dentistry to treat periodontal disease and promote health for our patients.

Periodontal Laser Dentistry

Formerly, gum surgery involved the traditional cutting and stitching method to remove damaged and diseased tissue and encourage healing. Advancements in dental technology have brought us the ability to treat your periodontal disease using laser energy, a much more comfortable, practical, and effective method of treatment.

Using the dental laser’s precise light beam energy, we can gently remove diseased tissue, bacteria, and tartar from your teeth in order to promote re-attachment. Because the laser seals blood vessels as we progress through your treatment, you will have less bleeding, allowing us to work more efficiently and accurately.

Laser dentistry allows our patients to have comfortable, accurate treatment and faster healing times than with traditional methods.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery with Laser Dentistry

Your gums not only protect your teeth, they also play a role in your appearance. Their size, shape, and contours contribute to the overall beauty of your smile. For some people, gummy smiles can cause you to feel self conscious about the way you look. 

At our Waynesboro, VA dental office, we can use laser dentistry to improve the shape and contour of your gums in order to give you a more aesthetic, uniform looking smile.

Treatment for gummy smiles – If your gums cover a significant amount of your tooth structure, we can use laser dentistry to remove some of the tissue in a process called crown lengthening. This process can give you a natural appearance without excessive gum tissue.

Gingival contouring – If your gums appear uneven and it makes your smile appear asymmetrical, we can contour your gums to give you an improved, more uniform appearance.

As with other laser periodontal surgery, you can enjoy comfortable treatment and faster healing times.

Do You Have Questions about Laser Dentistry?

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