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Providing exceptional dentistry to the families in our Waynesboro, VA community is important to us. At Browning Family Dentistry, it is our mission to provide great value, outstanding care, and gentle treatment for each of our patients.


"Building long-term relationships between our patients and staff is an important part of providing the best dental care available. We offer high-quality dental services that your entire family can appreciate and afford – all in a happy environment." – Dr. Steve Browning


The Secrets to a Healthy Smile

Brushing Teeth | Browning & Cunningham Family Dentistry

Step One: Brush

Focus on brushing along the gum line more so than the smooth shiny portion of your teeth. By angling the toothbrush 45 degrees and brushing the actual gums, you are removing the plaque and food that are responsible for gum disease and cavities.

Brush the chewing surfaces of all teeth but especially the back teeth. Your back teeth consist of molars and premolars are the most prone to developing cavities due to the presence of grooves and pits on the chewing surfaces which can catch food and bacteria.

Tip! Brush your teeth in 30 second quadrants by beginning in the upper right on the very back tooth and going all the way to the ...

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