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The Secrets to a Healthy Smile

February 27, 2017
Posted By: Brandy Showalter
Brushing Teeth | Browning & Cunningham Family Dentistry

Step One: Brush

Focus on brushing along the gum line more so than the smooth shiny portion of your teeth. By angling the toothbrush 45 degrees and brushing the actual gums, you are removing the plaque and food that are responsible for gum disease and cavities.

Brush the chewing surfaces of all teeth but especially the back teeth. Your back teeth consist of molars and premolars are the most prone to developing cavities due to the presence of grooves and pits on the chewing surfaces which can catch food and bacteria.

Tip! Brush your teeth in 30 second quadrants by beginning in the upper right on the very back tooth and going all the way to the right front tooth, brush this area (front, back, chewing surfaces) for 30 seconds then move to the upper left, then lower left, then lower right. This totals two minutes of brushing everything evenly!


Step Two: Floss

Brushing your teeth rarely accomplishes a complete cleaning of the teeth. Flossing ensures you remove ALL food and plaque on your teeth in conjunction with brushing.


Tip! Use adjuncts such as floss picks instead of string floss; they are easier to use. Side note: adjuncts like toothpicks are not thin enough to get in between the everyone's teeth fully like floss, choose a product that is able to go in between the contacts of the teeth.


Tip! Try flossing BEFORE  you brush; majority of the time people do not floss after brushing because their teeth feel clean, flossing prior to brushing rarely gives you a clean feeling and brushing will almost always follow flossing.

BABY STEPS! You are trying to form a habit to begin flossing so take your time and start flossing once a week, then add a day or two at a time once you become consistent.


Step Three: Regular dental cleanings

Having dental cleanings every 6 months is the universal recommendation for dental patients, but it does not fit everyone's dental health situation. Some patients require more frequent recalls, based off of a professional dental recommendations for cleaning recalls it is important to have a consistent recall schedule regardless of the recommendation.

Dental cleanings are essential in removing the tartar build up which naturally forms on a patient's teeth regardless of brushing and flossing. Tartar is unable to be brushed and flossed away and is almost always unable to be fully prevented from developing on a patient's teeth.

If left alone, then tartar build up has the potential to accumulate and cause dental problems such as sensitive teeth, bad breath and gum disease.

Tip! Ask a dental professional for their dental cleaning recall recommendation in order to fully be able to keep your dental health stable and your visits to the dentist limited to cleaning appointments. 

Cavities are preventable! Take these steps to have the upper hand against dental diseases!


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