Periodontal Treatment in Waynesboro, VA

Periodontal Treatment Waynesboro VAMany people think that bleeding gums and bad breath are just a part of life or a part of aging, but these are actually warning signs that your body needs your attention. Bleeding gums, bad breath, sensitivity, recession, inflammation in your gums, and tooth mobility are all a sign that you suffer from periodontal (gum) disease. While gum disease is a common condition that millions of Americans suffer from, in most cases it is entirely preventable.

What Causes Periodontal (Gum) Disease?

Patients often acquire gum disease because of neglect when it comes to brushing and flossing or because of missing their professional dental cleanings. Certain medications, medical conditions, hormonal changes, and loss of dexterity can all contribute to the development of gum disease. When you brush and floss regularly, you remove the biofilm and bacteria that form on your teeth and gums. Even the most diligent brusher and flosser cannot remove tartar from between their teeth and beneath their gum line. That is why professional dental cleanings are so important.

When tartar builds up on your teeth, it harbors bacteria and irritates your gums, causing inflammation. This is the start of gum disease and can lead to periodontal pocketing, which causes your gums to loosen around your teeth and collect even more debris and bacteria, making your condition worse.

The bacteria give off an unpleasant odor and cause sore, swollen gums. These are signs that you need a trip to the dentist so you can get back on track. Because gum disease is below your gum line, curing it on your own without professional help is unlikely.

Fortunately, at Browning Family Dentistry, we have a skilled and gentle hygiene team to help you take steps toward a healthier, more comfortable smile.

Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Our professional hygienists always make our patients’ health a priority. They will evaluate your condition and provide the type of dental cleaning that will eliminate your infection and help your body heal. 

Regular dental cleanings are for people with generally healthy teeth and gums. You might have these two to four times a year depending on your needs. For patients who build tartar and are prone to gum infections, every six months may not be enough to stay healthy and keep your infection under control. We will recommend a hygiene recall schedule that will help protect your health.

Periodontal dental cleanings are for patients who have some catching up to do. If you have periodontal pocketing, an advanced sign of gum disease, we will gently remove tartar and bacteria from above and below your gum line. We will also provide any additional treatments or medication to assist with healing. Close monitoring of your condition will help us to adjust your treatment as needed.

Periodontal maintenance appointments will help keep your infection under control because once you have gum disease, reinfection is likely without the proper professional care.

Laser dentistry is often offered when surgery is necessary for healing. Laser surgery gives patients faster healing times and greater comfort during treatment.

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